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With our expertise in technology and methods we help companies create a superfast and highly reliable software development and release process.

After 10+ years working with Continuous Delivery and DevOps we cover all types of businesses - large and small, old and new. We have seen it all!

We can help companies all the way from organisations that still carry a large portion of legacy systems and outsourced it departments to fully cloud adapted. companies are in many ways unique but most ot the time there are many similarities.

ouR Story

It all started back in 2003 with 4 persons that wanted to make a change in the world of software development. Our vision that software has an infinite potential for positive impact is more real than ever and we continue to make sure companies can learn and adapt to new technologies to deliver quality software as quick and as often as they need.

From the beginning we were just regular software developers trying to stay ahead of the competition and improving our skills. Over the years we kept our improvement focus and continuously built knowledge about the whole process of Software development. It was this knowledge that accumulated over the years and 2010 we coincidentally ended up working in an Ops team in one of our assignments.

Working more wide at our costumers meant that we began understanding how IT-departments (silos) quite dysfunctionally worked together. They did their best to get new features out to their customers but most often ended up with a rather poor time to market situation and lack of quality.

It was this knowledge that started our journey with Continuous Delivery and DevOps.

How to apply this to a large organisation was of course not so clear when we started out. It wasn’t an easy fix and it took us years before we could say that we mastered the game.

In 2010 those ideas and much more of effective improvements were described in a book by the two thought-leaders in the industry - Jez Humble and Dave Farley in their book ”Continuous Delivery”.

We used that book as a reference in our customer meetings where we passionately and vividly described how things could be improved. In August 2011 we started our first implementation of Continuous Delivery at one of our customers - a larger online gaming company. The project was a huge success and after just 4,5 months we had improved their release process with a mind boggling 2 000 %. This was the first step in our efforts to provide expertise in Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and later also DevOps.

Now this was of course huge for us but that doesn’t mean that such a successful project would open all the doors to new customers. To be honest no one believed us when we presented the numbers and we had to tackle a market where no one know about the concept. It took us years running around educating companies about this new method and slowly people started to understand and were willing to start their own implementation projects.

Now that is all history. Today most companies have adapted to Continuous Delivery/DevOps and see it as an integral part of their software development process.

However, we still see that most companies have a lot to do before they are fully automated and can release whenever and as often as they want to.

Since that first project 2011 we have helped many, many companies in all shapes and forms. Everything from Start-ups (some that later became unicorns) to big multinational companies. They all have their own individual story and what they wanted to improve. For some it was speed and time to market, for others it was quality and some just wanted to release new services whenever they wanted without any bottlenecks or other constraints.

Of course, everyone loves SMOOTH software development and a workplace where they run around with a big smile on their face.

Today we not only manage larger implementation projects but also run single person assignments. We are proud to be able to provide 10+ years experience and continue to help companies thrive and go from good to great working their way to market leaders. Our expertise today covers DevOps, DevSecOps, Coaching, Quality Assurance, Cloud, Test Automation and more in the ever evolving domain of software development.

Let us show you what Easy Software looks like!

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