December 19, 2017

2017-12-19 PETER FERM 

Believe In Your Vision

Our Story

When we took Continuous Delivery, a methodology to streamline software development processes to the Nordics in 2009, nobody believed that it would work. Today, it’s on everyone’s lips. Our hard work paid off as we’ve now been recognized as a Dagens Industri Gasell company, due to our fast growth and strong financials over the past four years.

Our customer base ranges from large banks to small start-up companies that wants to be more efficient in their software development and delivery process. That allows our clients to get a faster time-to-market and higher quality on the software that they deliver. With that in place they can satisfy their customers needs.

“We help businesses that are on the brink of big transformations with a software delivery process that takes a very long time. These businesses have a hard time getting their products and services out to their customers”, says Tommy Tynjä, Team Manager at Diabol.

Diabol was founded in 2003 and started out as a consultancy focusing on expertise within Java development. Today, we cover all aspects of software development, from idea to production. We are now 30 consultants specialized on Continuous Delivery and cover all aspects of the software development process.

“For years, companies complained about their slow, expensive and inflexible software development processes and they had a hard time to deliver any new features. In 2008, we started focusing on this problem, but there was no method to make it more efficient. Everything changed when a couple of Brits coined the term Continuous Delivery in 2010. We adapted the method and started our first project at an online gaming company the year after. The goal was to implement Continuous Delivery, to automate everything in order to increase speed and quality. The project was a huge success and we were able to reduce their whole software development process with thousands of percent. But when we talked about that back then nobody believed us. Today, we are the market leaders in the Nordics when it comes to transforming IT-organisations into effective business machines.”, says Peter Ferm, CEO at Diabol.

“Our success factors has been our perseverance, focus and passion. Traits which definitely have been needed since we were so doubted in the beginning. As many other successful companies, we believed in our vision and didn’t go for what the clients requested at the time”, Tommy Tynjä finishes.

Peter Ferm CEO, Diabol AB

Di Gasell


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