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DevOps not delivering?

Have you invested time and effort into a DevOps transformation but are not reaping the benefits that you felt were promised?

Or perhaps you have seen improvements in some areas but are unsure how to continue moving forward?

Who Are Diabol?

Diabols has spent the past 10+ years helping companies implementing DevOps and Continuous Delivery. We provide you time-cutting tools and waste-reducing feedback, and we walk alongside you every day to make sure we’re helping you get from point A to point B faster.

You Are Not Alone!

We recently gave assistance to a large Swedish bank organisation that was in exactly this situation. There had been a lot of work to build a DevOps driven development process, but now after almost two years, they had yet to realize the full gains they were expecting.

  • They were still suffering from quality issues and having to divert significant resources to handle production incidents.
  • They were still limited to monthly releases (except for the inevitable emergency “fix release” that was always necessary).
  • The business was frustrated by missing time to market goals.

Aside from these three main issues, they also suffered from indecision on whether to find a way forward or revert to the old way of doing things.

We performed an assessment of their current solution and were able to isolate these main problems:

  • Automating blindly without streamlining processes
  • Expecting innovation without being willing to  innovate
  • Thinking they are “done”
  • Not aligning the transformational work with the end goals
  • Lack of experience in coaching a DevOps mindset

We focus on four main areas to improve your software development process


A highly automated environment gives you the advantage to be able to release new features at your convenience and as often as you want to.


Organisations that have implemented CI/CD creates a culture that enables and nurtures quality-driven behaviours.


DevOps introduces a new way of working with short iterations and fast feedback. All this creates an environment where you continuously can track progress and cost.


Methods and tools within DevOps not only modernise the technical platform but also creates a high class working environment with communication in focus.

Take a look at how we help organisations

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Using our 10+ years experience we can help you build an effective software development process

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What makes us different

With 10+ years of experience and many successful projects that has rendered our customers up to several thousands of percent in increased speed in their software delivery process we consider us being among the top companies in Europe.

This experience will provide your company the edge to thrive in a world that is highly competitive and under constant pressure from customers demand for faster software deliveries.

Diabol has proven to be a reliable and knowledgeable partner, delivering a solution that significantly improved our development and operations workflows. If you are seeking a dependable and effective DevOps service provider, Diabol AB is the company to choose.

Thank you, Diabol AB, for your exceptional service and commitment to our success

Stefan Berg
CTO Transcom Worldwide AB

Diabol AB has proven to be a valuable partner throughout our DevOps and CD project which have had a significant impact on our organization. They have always been available to address our inquiries and concerns promptly, ensuring that our project stays on track. Their expertise has been invaluable in transforming our operations and enabling us to become more agile and responsive to market demands. In summary, I highly recommend Diabol AB for organisations seeking reliable DevOps and CD services.

Matilda Ringström
Chef Digital kundupplevelse, Länsförsäkringar AB

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I afford the Services provided by Diabol?

Diabol is an company focused on medium and large sized businesses. A lot of people assume our services will be over their budget because it is after all at a high quality standard. However, our price will always be reasonable and by talking to you we will find the best way to accommodate your needs.

How long until I start seeing results?

Transformation is a long term results-based strategy. Long term varying from 3 months to a year usually. We have a lot of clients that have seen amazing results within just a few months though, but keep in mind this can vary from business to business. But don’t worry, we will give you a personalized detailed timeline of every step of your project. You will also be able to keep track of everything through regular reports.

Is DevOps the right strategy for me and my company?

Any company who runs its own software development benefit greatly from DevOps. It is the best strategy to increase speed and quality in your software delivery process and by that erasing bottlenecks that prevent you from staying ahead of the competition. We can show results from our projects that exceeds the expectations by far.

Why should I trust Diabol?

We value honesty, transparency, and respect above anything else. Diabol implement strategies that have already been extensively tested and have been confirmed to work. We are 100% results and data driven and have a culture of jumping straight to action. Only at Diabol do you get the most qualified people trained for 10+ years working in exactly these kind of projects where we are able to provide services to businesses where we truly care about your success.

The right DevOps strategy is closer than you think.

Steps going forward

  • Fill out the form on this page to request a call.
  • In that call with one of our experts - we will discuss the challenges that your organisation are facing.
  • We build your own action plan and review your options for implementing the strategy.

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